Colors That Go With Saltillo Tile

When it comes to enhancing the warmth and natural beauty of Saltillo tile, selecting the right colors to complement it can make all the difference. Saltillo tile, known for its vibrant, rustic hues and timeless appeal, primarily showcases earthy tones, which sync harmoniously with specific colors and design elements.

With the wide variety of color options available, it’s crucial to choose a palette that enhances and highlights the unique characteristics of Saltillo tile. This ensures that the overall design creates an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication in any living space.

Warm Color Palette

The warm color palette is a perfect match for saltillo tile, as it enhances the natural beauty and earthiness of the material. When choosing the right colors to go with saltillo tile, consider the following tones and hues:

Earthy Tones

Earthy tones, like browns and greens, not only complement saltillo tile but also bring a sense of warmth and coziness to your living space. These colors can be used as accents on walls or combined with other warm hues in furniture and decoration. Some popular earthy tones to consider include:

  • Olive green
  • Forest green
  • Mocha brown
  • Chocolate brown

Terracotta and Rust

As saltillo tile is a type of terracotta flooring, it’s naturally infused with shades of reddish-brown that can evoke feelings of warmth and hominess. To make the tiles stand out, use colors such as burnt orange, rust, and sienna. These hues create a beautiful, warm ambiance that complements the tile’s inherent qualities. Here are some color suggestions:

  • Burnt orange
  • Rust red
  • Sienna brown

Yellows and Oranges

To bring out the warmth of saltillo tile even further, consider incorporating different shades of yellow and orange into your design. These colors not only pair well with the earthy tones and terracotta hues mentioned earlier, but they also create a bright and cheerful atmosphere in your living space. Some popular options to look for are:

Sunflower yellowPumpkin orange
Mustard yellowTangerine orange
Golden yellowApricot orange

When designing a space with saltillo tile, the warm color palette offers an array of options that beautifully accentuate the tile’s natural warmth, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Cool Color Palette

Integrating a cool color palette with saltillo tile can accentuate its natural warm tones while providing a modern and refreshing ambiance. This section will discuss how greens, blues, and grays can be used in harmony with saltillo tile to achieve a sophisticated and stylish interior design.


Green shades can add an organic and earthy feel to a space featuring saltillo tile. By introducing plants or using green accents, such as pillows or artwork, you can achieve a natural and harmonious balance. Some popular green tones to pair with saltillo include:

  • Sage Green – a muted and calming hue that complements the earthiness of saltillo tile
  • Olive Green – a rich and sophisticated shade that can add depth to a space
  • Mint Green – a light and fresh hue that can brighten a room with a subtle pop of color


Blue shades have long been associated with peace and tranquility, making them an ideal choice for rooms with saltillo tile. They can help create a calming atmosphere and work well in combination with other cool hues. Some well-suited blue tones for pairing with saltillo are:

  • Denim Blue – a versatile and timeless shade that provides a cozy and comfy feel
  • Teal Blue – a vibrant hue that adds energy to a space without overpowering the earthy tones of the tile
  • Powder Blue – a soothing tone that pairs beautifully with the warm hues present in saltillo tile


Gray shades convey a sense of sophistication and balance, making them a popular choice for contemporary designs with saltillo tile. They can help highlight the rich colors of the tile while maintaining a refined and neutral palette. Three gray tones that pair well with saltillo tile are:

  • Charcoal Gray – a striking and strong tone that can accentuate the warmth of saltillo while providing contrast
  • Mushroom Gray – a mid-tone shade that offers a versatile and subtle backdrop for saltillo tile designs
  • Soft Dove Gray – a light and airy hue that works beautifully as a complementary neutral color

Neutral Color Palette

When designing a space with Saltillo tile, a neutral color palette is an excellent choice as it complements the natural hues of the tile and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Neutral colors evoke a sense of calm and relaxation, making them ideal for various living spaces.

Whites and Creams

Whites and creams serve as a perfect backdrop to showcase the rich colors present in Saltillo tiles. Incorporating these colors into your design can help to brighten the space and make it look more spacious. A few popular shades of white and cream to consider are:

  • Swiss Coffee (Benjamin Moore)
  • Cloud White (Benjamin Moore)
  • Creamy (Sherwin-Williams)
  • Aesthetic White (Sherwin-Williams)

These shades of white and cream work well with Saltillo tile and can be used for walls, trim, and even furniture or textiles.

Beiges and Browns

Beiges and browns can add warmth to a room featuring Saltillo tile, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Opting for these earthy tones helps to accentuate the texture and natural feel of the tiles. Some popular beige and brown shades to integrate into your design include:

Accessible Beige (Sherwin-Williams)Branchport Brown (Benjamin Moore)
Grant Beige (Benjamin Moore)Stone House (Benjamin Moore)
Winds Breath (Benjamin Moore)French Roast (Sherwin-Williams)

Pairing these colors with Saltillo tile offers numerous design possibilities and allows for a harmonious balance between the flooring and other elements in the space.

Choosing the Right Color Combinations

When selecting colors to complement saltillo tile, several factors should be considered, such as the natural hues present in the tile, the overall design style, and the desired atmosphere in the space. Saltillo tile typically features shades of red, orange, and brown, offering a warm and inviting feel to a room.

One approach for choosing color combinations is to draw inspiration from traditional design styles that incorporate saltillo tile. The following styles are commonly associated with saltillo tile:

  • Southwestern
  • Mediterranean
  • Spanish Colonial
  • Mexican

In these design styles, accent colors often include warm earth tones like terracotta, beige, and sand, as well as vibrant hues such as deep blues, bright yellows, and rich greens. A color combination involving these shades can create an appealing contrast and enhance the natural beauty of saltillo tile.

To better visualize different color combinations, consider the following table, which displays popular color schemes often used with saltillo tile:

Design StyleAccent Colors
SouthwesternBeige, sage green, sky blue
MediterraneanIndigo, olive green, terracotta
Spanish ColonialCream, deep blue, burnt orange
MexicanCanary yellow, cobalt blue, coral red

When selecting colors, it’s essential to consider the specific tile variety in the space. Some saltillo tile exhibits more variation and texture, while others have a smoother, more consistent appearance. Factors like lighting, furniture, and accessories should also be kept in mind to ensure a harmonious design.

Considerations for Completing the Look

When choosing colors that complement Saltillo tile, it’s essential to consider a few aspects to create a harmonious and visually appealing space. In this section, we’ll discuss accent colors, patterns, and textures to help you complete the look.

Accent Colors

Accent colors play a significant role in enhancing the overall appearance of a room with Saltillo tile. Keep in mind the warm tones of Saltillo tile when selecting accent colors. Neutral colors like beige, cream, and soft gray often work well. Earthy shades of green, such as sage and olive, can also complement the warm tones of the tile. Rich hues like burgundy and rust can add depth to the space while also complementing the warmth of the Saltillo tile.

Patterns and Textures

Incorporating patterns and textures can elevate the design further. Consider using a variety of patterns that adhere to the color scheme you’ve chosen. For instance, incorporating geometric patterns, tile mosaics, or a combination of both can add visual interest without overwhelming the space. Don’t shy away from incorporating rugs and upholstery with patterns, as they can help tie the room together, create a cohesive look and add a sense of warmth in contrast to the tile’s hard surface.

Additionally, using natural materials and textures such as wood, stone, or woven materials can emphasize the earthy, authentic feel of Saltillo tile. This can be achieved through furniture, window treatments, or decorative accents. For example, a wooden dining table or a wicker chair can blend seamlessly with the Saltillo tile, creating a harmonious and inviting room.

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