Company Profile

In 1984, Karl Fischer Architect was established in Montreal, Canada as a boutique design firm. Over the past 30 years, the firm has expanded its business throughout Canada, the United States and internationally.

A graduate of McGill University, Karl Fischer is a registered architect in Canada and in the United States. His expertise in the areas of design and planning have earned him accolades in several arenas, including The Domus Prize (1995 & 1996) and The Starchitects Award (2007). His work has been highlighted in numerous publications including The New York Times, The Gazette and other prominent newspapers and magazines.

With a growing client list in and around the New York area, in 1999 Karl Fischer Architect opened a branch office in New York City. In 2003, the New York office moved into its current locale in the city’s hip SoHo neighborhood. With an emphasis on high-quality exterior and interior design, Karl Fischer Architect is thriving in today’s competitive marketplace.

From a small operation at its founding, Karl Fischer Architect’s skilled team of architects, technicians and support staff currently number over 30 in Montreal and New York.

Karl Fischer Architect specializes in new building design, condominium conversions, single and multiple-family housing units, and commercial projects. The company provides its clients with a full range of services, including personalized design, interior design, site planning, economic feasibility studies, budget preparation and specification and construction services.

Design Approach

Karl Fischer’s design approach stems from an intuitive understanding of the use of space, and the appeal and functionality of creating structures that blend seamlessly into their surrounding environment.

Mr. Fischer’s designs are innovative, creative solutions that often blend an artist’s palette with a logical, solution-oriented approach.

Each client is assigned a project team, offering personalized service to cater to each individual's needs and ideas. Karl Fischer plays an active roll in all projects, from their conception, through to the design, planning and construction phase.

Mr. Fischer is inspired by the beauty of structures that are adaptable and functional without being ostentatious. He aims to create a harmonious relationship between interior and exterior design on every project, whether it is commercial, institutional or residential.

Of singular importance to Mr. Fischer’s design philosophy is the collaborative process between client and architect, the give and take that brings about the final project design. Karl Fischer Architect creates responsible, innovative, cost-effective designs, each of which is unique and created specifically for a particular job.


Karl Fischer Architect offers its clients a complete range of services, from conceptual design and budget analysis to site supervision and interior design. The firm brings together a full-time staff of architects, technicians and designers who are dedicated to creating innovative, market-sensitive solutions for each client. Karl Fischer Architect services a broad market, with a major emphasis on residential, commercial and institutional buildings. With extensive experience in the construction of new edifices as well as the expansion and modernization of existing buildings, Karl Fischer Architect is ready to serve you.